Additions and Changes

May 28, 1997

  • 05/28/97 - after June 5, 1997, this server will no longer function. Please do not link to any pages or documents on it, as these links will break. I will make available a new address as soon as possible. Thanks. - DzM

May 21, 1997

  • 05/21/97 - Just making formatting corrections and beginning to sprinkle photographs throughout the site. Poke around a little. They're not hard to find.

May 20, 1997

  • 05/20/97 - Wow. More changes, and just a day later. I finished adding the bios (Unfortunatly I do not have any bios for the members of the group that appeared only on Pogue Mahone... Anyone care to help me with some?) in the PastPogues section, and fixed up Philip Chevron's Discography a bit (new entries, plus a couple more cover scans). Whee...

May 19, 1997

  • 05/19/97 - Many things have changed since February that are not listed here. But they used to be. Honest. Such are the thrills of crashed hard drives, eh? At any rate, a PastPogues section was added, and today I added several more bios to it. I also took this oppotunity to clean up and update the Others section a little (nothing real exciting, mostly esthetic stuff).

February 7, 1997

  • 02/07/97 - Added cover art and production information for two promo CD5s, Tuesday Morning and Once Upon A Time, to the Singles section.

February 6, 1997

  • 02/06/97 - Nothing to really report. Just a minor change. At the bottom of the main page one of ten photos will appear instead of one of two. Thanks go to Nicole Moreau for the photos.

January 29, 1997

  • 01/29/97 - More new print stuff. From the Boston Herald.
  • 01/29/97 - And from the Daily Mirror.
  • 01/29/97 - And two more from the Irish Voice (here and here).
  • 01/29/97 - And a couple from Newsday, here and here.
  • 01/29/97 - And one from the San Francisco Chronical.
  • 01/29/97 - And another one from the Toronto Star.
  • 01/29/97 - And one from the Vanvouver Sun.
  • 01/29/97 - And last, but not least, a strange discussion between Jem and some git.

January 27, 1997

  • 01/27/97 - Added two articles from the LA Times. One from '86, one from '89.
  • 01/27/97 - Added an article from People magazine. From '88.
  • 01/27/97 - Added a review of Pogue Mahone from the Irish Voice.
  • 01/27/97 - Added some '94 concert hype from the Toronto Star.
  • 01/27/97 - And last, but certainly not least, the lyrics to Whiskey, You're the Devil.

January 24, 1997

  • 01/24/97 - No rest for the wicked or weary. Today's additions are:
  • 01/24/97 - Added two new Boston Globe articles, from '96 and '89, respectively.
  • 01/24/97 - Added an article from the Boston Irish Reporter ('96).
  • 01/24/97 - Added a Irish Voice review of one of Shane's '95 concerts.
  • 01/24/97 - Added a San Diego Union-Tribune review of Peace and Love.
  • 01/24/97 - I've got five more coming real soon. Come back. Really.

January 23, 1997

  • 01/23/97 - Many, many additions. They are (as of 1pm Pacific Time):
  • 01/23/97 - Added cover art and track listings for two bootlegs.
  • 01/23/97 - Simplified the Singles layout quite a bit, and added an entry for the Miss Otis Regrets single (lyrics and cover art were also added).
  • 01/23/97 - Added the European cover art for If I Should Fall From Grace With God.
  • 01/23/97 - Added the correct cover art for the Haunted single.
  • 01/23/97 - Added the cover art for the Red, Hot + Blue Cole Porter tribute to the Related section.
  • 01/23/97 - Added the lyrics for Rake at the Gates of Hell and Every Man is a King.

January 14, 1997

  • 01/14/97 - Added a Boston Globe article from 1991.

January 2, 1997

  • 01/02/97 - A minor addition, and some large chages to the Others section to start our the new year.
  • 01/02/97 - I added a small bit of trivia to the bottom of the Fairytale of New York lyrics page. Now please, stop asking me this question (Three times in one week! Argh!).
  • 01/02/97 - Removed a lot of old links from the Others section, and added a good number of places to buy stuff.

December 31, 1996

  • 12/31/96 - OK, so I lied. Dec. 20 was not the last update for the year. But before I tell you what small changes were made, let me quickly wish all of you a very happy New Year, and a successful 1997.
  • 12/31/96 - In a fit of having to screw around with things (and play with my new upgrade to Photoshop), I've made minor adjustments to the Masthead graphic on the main page. It is now smaller by about 1k (Ooo. Down to 76k. Wow.) and has a couple of "exciting and dynamic 3-D elements." I've also adjusted the brightness and contrast on the Medusa part of the graphic so that it (hopefully) won't appear so dark to Windows users.
  • 12/31/96 - The band that James McNally has been working with, Afro Celts, has released their first album. I added a link to some information regarding that album to the main page.
  • 12/31/96 - The hKippers, one of the bands that Andrew Rankin has been working with (fronted by Paul Bradley, who plays Nigel on Eastenders), has released their first CD. While I can't find any info about them, their PR person swears that there will soon be info at their web site.
  • 12/31/96 - There has been more clues added to the ever-expanding Muirsheen Dirken mystery, and a brief debate began regarding the meaning of "rapparee" (from Young Ned of the Hill).

December 20, 1996

  • 12/20/96 - This will probably be the last update for this year, so let me take this opportunity to wish one and all a very happy holiday season and upcoming New Year.
  • 12/20/96 - Added three new articles to the InPrint section; an interview with James Fearnley from the Toronto Star, an interview with Spider Stacy from the Boston Globe, and an interview with Shane MacGowan from the New York Times. Great big wadges of thanks go to Adrian Leach for helping me convert these (and many more upcoming articles) into HTML.

December 10, 1996

  • 12/10/96 - Got a new version of the web server software that includes support for Server Side Includes (SSIs), so I've begun screwing with things to make them a little more dynamic. The most obvious use of this (so far) is on the main page. Go back to it, hit your Reload button, and watch the You Should Buy This section... Pretty spiffy, eh?
  • 12/10/96 - Added a couple more sites to the Others section. They are, in order: Laurence Clark's page, Tam's page, and the Warner Brothers Shane MacGowan page. Go forth a visit them, and make their authors glow with pride when you send them email!

November 27, 1996

  • 11/27/96 - It's been quite a while since I've updated anything. Sorry 'bout that. Lots of business traveling over the last month (And what did I learn? "Never, ever, go to Comdex."). In the midst of all this, a bad link was spotted on the Singles page (and on the A Pair of Brown Eyes page) that prevented people from seeing the cover art for the A Pair of Brown Eyes single. It's now been fixed. Thanks to Coops' for pointing it out.

October 17, 1996

  • 10/17/96 - This is a big day here in the Bay Area of Northern California. Seven years ago, at 5:04pm, we had a 7.1 magnitude earthquake (some of you may have heard about it on the news). Unfortunately today's additions and changes have nothing to do with that event. After all, I would hardly call adding the year of production (along with the label and catalogue number) for Shane's Interview single momentous. I also am a little leary to call cover art, track list, and production info for another Bootleg "earth shattering." But I digress...

October 14, 1996

  • 10/14/96 - Shane had an interview with "French Television" back in the '80s. Now we know what the single with the the interview looks like.

October 8, 1996

  • 10/08/96 - Several people help to clear up the Muirshin Durkin mystery.
  • 10/08/96 - Adrian Leach helps us to further understand the Lost Verse of the Boat Train.

October 4, 1996

  • 10/04/96 - The Wild Rover finds the words to express himself.
  • 10/04/96 - Paul Pendall and I have become very curious about what a Muirshin Durkin is.

September 17, 1996

September 16, 1996

  • 09/16/96 - Added some Poop to be shoveled.
  • 09/16/96 - The Santa Rosa Oak Leaf had something to say about the Pogues sans Onscenities [sic].
  • 09/16/96 - A young Canadian fiddle player gets likened to the Pogues' early days while he fiddles with tradition.
  • 09/16/96 - Spider Stacey also took this opportunity to drawl on a bit about Shane.

September 13, 1996

September 9, 1996

  • 09/09/96 - Owie. I was in a bike wreck on Friday ("Yeah, OK, so I can't walk without crutches. But you should see the Fire Hydrant."). On the plus side, this is giving me a little time to work on Medusa.
  • 09/09/96 - I've added some more links to the Others section.
  • 09/09/96 - I've added a new interpretation of the "bonus" verse in Boat Train.
  • 09/09/96 - In another fit of having to screw with things, I replaced the clickable imagemap image with a smaller (data-wise) imagemap (plus, I think it looks kinda' cool).

August 28, 1996

  • 08/28/96 - Too many small little changes to mention. However, I did add two new Pogue Mahone reviews.

August 8, 1996

  • 08/08/96 - Began implementing the PastPogues section (original name was going to be PostPogues, but this section is intended to be a complete reference to the members of the band before and after, not just after). The first, somewhat incomplete, entry is for Jamie Clarke (he specifically requested it).

July 29, 1996

  • 07/29/96 - Many, many small changes over the last several weeks. Amongst them: Completely reworked the organization of the pictures directory, lyrics directories, and discography directories. Hopefully this is transparent to everyone, but if you find a broken link, please let me know.
  • 07/29/96 - Added a Video section to the discography, along with cover art for Live at the Town and Country.

July 12, 1996

  • 07/12/96 - Added cover art for the promotional release Thousands are Sailing, plus I removed the Promotional section from the Discography and rolled it into the Singles section (well, there was only one entry).

July 8, 1996

  • 07/08/96 - Received information from Jem Finer regarding the impending "mothballing" of the Pogues. Not without sadness, the Pogues' final tour dates and the news regarding the hiatus was posted to the main page for this site and to,, and

July 3, 1996

June 28, 1996

  • 06/28/96 - Finished adding the .WAV files. Am now back to sitting on my lazy bum. (If you're one of the kind people that sent me Discography updates in the last month, I haven't forgotten about you. I will add the updates/corrections soon.)
  • 06/28/96 - Decided "what the hell" and added a background image to all the pages.
  • 06/28/96 - Replaced the imagemap/footer on all the pages with a more legible (and smaller to download) image.

May 24, 1996

  • 05/24/96 - Finally got off my lazy bum and started adding .WAV sound files. On average, the files are 640k and are the first thirty seconds of a song (some are longer to accommodate lyrics, etc).
  • 05/24/96 - Added some historicle information about La Radeu de la Medusa, the painting that was used as the cover for Rum, Sodomy, & The Lash and inspired the song "The Wake of the Medusa" from Hell's Ditch (and also inspired the name of this site).

May 3, 1996

  • 05/03/96 - Removed US Tour information from the main page (well, the tour is over).
  • 05/03/96 - Finished adding all known links (over 90 of them) to the Others page.

April 19, 1996

  • 04/19/96 - Rearranged, and added several articles to, the Pogues In Print section.

March 20, 1996

  • 03/20/96 - Finished re-working the main parts of the site (changing background color to white, fixing inconsistencies in linked graphics, removing the multiple buttons in the footer with a much more easily maintained clickable imagemap, etc.). The PogueSwap ads will remain in the old format for a while longer.

February 9, 1996

  • 02/09/96 - Added to Pointcom's "Top 5% of the Web" lists.

January 19, 1996

January 15, 1996

  • 01/15/96 - Selected as the Cool Music Site of the Week by CDNow's Cool Music page.

December 20, 1995

  • 12/20/95 - Replaced old cliché graphics with new, larger cliché graphics (for those of you on slower connections, deal with it).

December 4, 1995

  • 12/04/95 - Added a "PogueSwap" area for people to buy and sell Pogues related merchandise.

November 8, 1995

  • 11/08/95 - Added an article/interview with Shane MacGowan from the Friends of Shane newsletter.

November 7, 1995

  • 11/07/95 - Added an article/interview with Shane MacGowan from loaded magazine.

October 25, 1995

  • 10/25/95 - Added cover art, track list, and lyrics for the new Pogues release, Pogue Mahone.
  • 10/25/95 - Added cover art, track list, and lyrics for the new Pogues release, How Come.

October 20, 1995

  • 10/20/95 - Added an "in print" section with several articles about (or relating to) the Pogues.

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