Pogues stuff at other places

The Pogues have spawned several dedicated pages accross the net. Some of them have gone while others are still around. Here's a smatering of them:

The Pogues

The Pogues on MySpace
The MySpace page for The Pogues. Maintained by The Pogues' own Spider Stacy.
url: www.myspace.com/thepoguesofficial
Online Store (UK) & Online Store (US)
Official outlets for concert merchandise.
url: http://bandstores.co.uk/shop/pogues
url: http://thepogues.shop.bravadousa.com/Default.aspx
The Parting Glass
Annotated lyrics - a site explaining even the subtlest nuances in the Pogues / Shane MacGowan's songs.
url: www.poguetry.com
Come to the Bower
Tidbits from the Pogues universe. Stories behind the songs, albums & videos, curiosities, fanfics and more.
url: www.dzm.com/~zuzana
The Pogues and Shane MacGowan Bootography
An archive of information relating to audio and video bootlegs of The Pogues and solo projects of individual band members.
url: www.pogueslive.com
Jer's Pogues Pub
Contains an overview of their music that examines the many studio, live and video recordings available.
url: www.jerspoguespub.com
Waiting For Shane
Links, articles, MP3s and old news.
url: www.ktv.no/~oyl-ktv
Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah
A comprehensive discography of the Pogues and the band members' solo projects.
url: home.arcor.de/yeah/pogues.htm
The Pogues Gigs Listing
Lists concerts from 1982 to 2008.
url: p.bruhat.free.fr/pogues/pog-live.html
The Pogues - Irish Soul
One man's thoughts on what the Pogues were and Shane MacGowan is.
url: www.furious.com/perfect/pogues.html
Alex's Pogues Page
Bootography, list of videos and some photos.
url: home.pages.at/pogues

Shane MacGowan

Paddy Rolling Stone
The official Friends of Shane web site featuring discography, lyrics, press archive and chat forum.
url: www.shanemacgowan.com
Rockin Boppin Lunatic
Up-to-date info about Shane MacGowan: news, reviews, tour dates, archives.
url: shanemacgowan.is-great.org
Shane MacGowan's Solo Dates
The latest solo career developments of the Pogues legendary frontman.
url: www.myspace.com/shanemacgowandates
Juergen's Shane MacGowan Site
Very complete Shane MacGowan / Pogues / Nips / related discography, photos, and a Buy / Sell / Swap section.
url: www.shanemacgowan.de
Rocky Road to Belgrade
Yugoslav/Serbian site. Local discography, press clippings, photos and memorabilia.
url: users.scnet.rs/~rakovic
If I Should Fall From Grace: The Shane MacGowan Story
Information about a documentary film about The Pogues legendary frontman.
url: www.poptwist.com/macgowan
The Popes Official Site
Official site for The Popes, Shane MacGowan's former band.
url: www.thepopes.uk.com
The Popes on MySpace
Official MySpace for The Popes.
url: www.myspace.com/thepopesmusic
The Nips on MySpace
Official MySpace for The Nips, Shane Macgowan's first band.
url: www.myspace.com/thenippleerectors
The Nips - Licensed to Cool
Fan page for The Nips, with biography, discography, photos and press archive.
url: pages.cs.wisc.edu/~mroman/home.html

Other Pogues and their projects

Spider Stacy on MySpace
The MySpace page for & maintained by Spider Stacy.
url: www.myspace.com/spiderstacythepogues
The Radiators From Space
Official site for Philip Chevron's Irish punk group.
url: www.theradiators.tv
Cranky George on MySpace
MySpace page for Cranky George, James Fearnley's band with Msrs Mulroney and Wood.
url: www.myspace.com/crankygeorge
Cranky George - The Official Site
A scanty website for James Fearnley's band Cranky George.
url: www.crankygeorge.net
Jem Finer
CDs, live shows, current projects.
url: elrino.co.uk/JemFiner/JemFiner.html
A computer generated musical creation from Jem Finer designed to play for 1,000 years.
url: www.longplayer.org
Bish on MySpace
MySpace for Bish, Darryl Hunt's band.
url: www.myspace.com/bishmusic
Jamie Clarke's Perfect on MySpace
Official MySpace for Jamie Clarke's Perfect.
url: www.myspace.com/jamieclarkesperfectmusic

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