The Pogues
Pogue Mahone

Publication: The Daily Cougar (Houston University)
Date Printed: Monday, March 15, 1996
Section: Lifestyle & Entertainment
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By: Tom Jackson

Throw away the Prozac and run off to the green hills of Ireland with the Pogues.

These zesty lads play music that is peppy, heartfelt and fun. If the tunes don't have you dancing around the maypole in record time, go ahead and jump off that bridge because you're already dead.

The Pogues play Irish folk rock that is like no other, and Pogue Mahone does not disappoint. With tight instrumentation and zippy melodies, the group succeeds once again in bringing a touch of the Irish to American ears.

While none of the songs are as delightful as the group's 1993 single, "Tuesday Morning," there are still many fantastic pieces of ear candy.

Standouts include "Where That Love's Been Gone," with its melancholic refrain of "Sometimes I wonder who's making love to you now" and the plaintive, "How Come."

The only low points are the dull "Anniversary" and the overly intense "Oretown." While these tunes aren't very interesting, they're still a head above much of the garbage heard on American radio these days.

Pogue Mahone does have quieter moments. One can easily imagine sitting on a hillside in lreland, watching the sun come up while listening to the romantic strains of "Love You `Till The End" or "The Sun and The Moon."

More traditional tunes, such as "Living In A World Without Her" and "When The Ship Comes In," make me want to stock up on cider and throw an Irish party. Beg, borrow or steal -- get this album at any price. I'm calling up TWA to see how much tickets to Ireland cost.

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