Pogue Mahone


My girl could break my heart
And tear my soul apart, but I
Couldn't see myself living in a world
Without her

She's a tear, she's a scream
Takes me high, but my worst dream
Could I survive living in a world
Without her

As my mother said open the door
I didn't want to be that boy
All my friends told me I'd pull through

But all that's said and all that's done
Won't persuade me that I'm wrong
I know I'd die living in a world
Without her

All my hopes and all my dreams
Rest with her, or so it seems
I never want to see the world
Without her

She's a saint, she's a clown
Picks me up when I'm down
There'd be so much missing from the world
Without her

Tangled up in falling vines
She took my hand, I know she's mine
Pickin' up the pieces of the past

Well, I awoke before the dawn
Dreamed we'd fought and she had gone
Now I know how it feels
Without her

An empty club, when we first met
Sharing our last cigarette
How could I have lived in a world
Without her

The sweetest girl I ever had
She's the best, she must be mad
There's no way I would live in a world
Without her

We walked four miles to get back home
Through the crowds we walked alone
She told me all about her last stand

The sun came up and lit the scene
She looked so fine, so I see
There's no way I'm living in a world
Without her

The Pogues are:
Spider Stacy: Vocals
Jamie Clark: Guitar
Jem Finer: Banjo
Darryl Hunt: Bass Guitar & Backing Vocals
Andrew Rankin: Drums
James McNally: Accordian, Whistle & Piano
David Coulter: Tambourine
Jon Sevink: Fiddle

copyright 1995 Darryl Hunt & James McNally

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