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March 10th 2008 D.C.-"You look like Morissey."

PostPosted: Tue Mar 11, 2008 5:25 am
by Green Folkal
Hey all, I just got back from the show at 9:30 on 3/10/08! Where to start? Well, for me it was my first live show with The Pogues. I was about to see them last year on St. Patty's day with The Tossers! but consequently I was still on my parents leash here in D.C.

I have been looking forward to finally seeing our Pogues since I received my ticket and had my mind blown as expected. I got there around 6:30, got my ticket, waited in line, got in, got a shirt, yadda yadda. Then The Urban Voodoo Machine came on and were one of those rare opening bands at a show that do not have you thinking "come on, get off the stage already." after their first song. "Bourbon Soaked Gypsy Blues Bop'n'Stroll" is how they describe their sound and I think that description says it best. I myself am a drummer so to see them with two drummers working in sync on one kit was incredible. I really loved their set and was not one of the lucky people in the front row to get a swig out of the lead singer's flask of bourbon that he passed around. With such an awesome opening band, the time flew by and then I knew it was a 30 minute or less wait until all my dreams came true. (thanks Mr. Chevron for your projected show times)

So finally the lights dimmed and the boys from county hell came on with straight to hell in the background. Best dressed goes to Mr. Chevron in his silver suit. They opened with Streams of Whiskey and everyone sounded great! We heard gut-wrenching howls from Shane that would make you think he just got done recording Turkish Song of the Damned earlier that night! They played effortlessly through: (in no particular order) IISFFGWG, Turkish Song of the Damned, Kitty, Repeal of the Licensing Laws, Tuesday Morning, Thousands are Sailing, Love You 'Till The End, Sayonara, A Pair of Brown Eyes, Boys From the County Hell, Sunny Side of the Street, The Broad Majestic Shannon, Dark Streets of London, Greenland Whale Fisheries, and a few more I know I'm missing.

Early on in the show there was a guy with a long black mohawk who Shane told "You look like Morissey." At the end of the main part of the show before the encores T Woods looked my in the eye and threw me his pick...which I dropped! I alerted the staff in front of me and he said he would get it in a second. Then, he picked it up and could not decide whether to give it to the 19 year old kid with braces, or the pretty blonde who also wanted it. He was motioning towards me but of course...pretty girls ALWAYS win...thanks ya 9:30 club Shmuck! Anyways, excuse my frustration. The boys played two wonderful encores consisting of: (again in no particular order) Fiesta (complete with Spider and Shane on tin trays), Rainy Night in Soho, Sally Mac, Star of the County Down! (my favorite of the encores) The Irish Rover, (which Shane dedicated to Ronnie Drew and kindly stated that he hoped we would not have to go through the same experience) and a few more I am forgetting at the moment. There was no FONY which surprised me but who can complain after being able to see The Pogues! It was also really funny how everyone was throwing clothing at Shane's feet and the security looked absolutely perplexed, (of course they don't know how things go with The Pogues)

All in all I have left that club having seen the greatest show of my life (honest to god not an exaggeration) I hope everyone else at the show had as great of a time as I did and that we will have the chance to repeat that experience in the future. A very big thanks to everyone in The Pogues for such an incredible show and I wish them all good luck and fortune on their tour. Lastly a very big welcome back to Mr. Chevron, it was great to see you looking very well and being able to hear you sing Thousands are Sailing!

*EDIT*-The set list from the 9th was the same as tonight.