Hell's Ditch The Rest of the Best Very Best of The Pogues


Seen the carnival at Rome
Had the women I had the booze
All I can remember now
Is little kids without no shoes
So I saw that train
And I got on it
With a heartful of hate
And a lust for vomit
Now I'm walking on the sunnyside of the street

Stepped over bodies in Bombay
Tried to make it to the U.S.A.
Ended up in Nepal
Up on the roof with nothing at all
And I knew that day
I was going to stay
Right where I am, on the sunnyside of the street

Been in a palace, been in a jail
I just don't want to be reborn a snail
Just want to spend eternity
Right where I am, on the sunnyside of the street

As my mother wept it was then I swore
To take my life as I would a whore
I know I'm better than before
I will not be reconstructed
Just wanna stay right here
On the sunnyside of the street

copyright 1990; Shane MacGowan & Jem Finer

S.MacGowan - vocals
S.Stacy - whistle
J.Finer - Banjo, lap steel
T.Woods - mandolin
P.Chevron - acc. gtr.
J.Fearnley - accordion
D.Hunt - bass
A.Ranken - drums
B.voc: D.Hunt

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