Hell's Ditch 


OK, it's time for Sayonara
So long yankee break my heart
Now there's nothing left but sorrow
Even the best friends they must part
I walked into the nearest bar
I sat and gazed across the sea
I wandered lonely on the beach
The waves just whispered misery
She had a red red scarf
Around her neck
Her eyes were green
Her hair was black
Ooh she gave me Mekong Whiskey
Ooh she gave me Hong Kong Flu
Ooh she gave me Mekong Whiskey
Put me on a breeze to Katmandu
(Som-yat-zu, som-yat-zu)
I got new papers in a bordello
With some luckies and my I.D.
My heart was pounding like a hammer
Thai Thai Thai Thai Thai! I am free
She kissed me softly on the lips
She took my hand without a sound
This was our happy ever after
So motherfucker kiss the ground

copyright 1990 Shane MacGowan
S.MacGowan - vocals
S.Stacy - whistle
J.Finer - banjo
J.Fearnley - accordion
P.Chevron - acc. gtr.
A.Ranken - drums
D.Hunt - bass
B.voc: D.Hunt, P.Chevron

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