Web Sites that relate to the Pogues

The Pogues have spawned many dedicated pages throughout the net, and all of them have valuable information for people interested in the Pogues, or the Pogues' solo projects. Unfortunately this ever growing collection of sites is making it increasingly difficult for people to find all the relevant sites. The PogueRing is a way to draw these related sites together.

What is the PogueRing?

The PogueRing is a collection of sites that have information that is relevant to people wanting information about the Pogues or it's individual member's projects. Each page adds simple html code to the bottom of their main page (and child pages, if they see fit) that will offer links to the next member site, etc in the the ring.

Who runs the PogueRing?

The PogueRing is administered by Jon Tout. It was previously administered by DzM.

What should a site have to join?

A site should have relevant information about the Pogues or its' individual members, with content that would be relevant to fans of the Pogues (fan pages for Shane MacGowan, Jem Finer, Spider Stacey, The Radiators from Space, etc are all appropriate).

How do I join the ring?

Pretty easily! Just complete this form:

Submit site to WebRing
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Description: Enter a short description of your site.

How do I update my data in the ring?

By following this link and doing what the forms tell you to do (it's very easy).

Your intrepid maintainer is DzM.